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Half day Museum


Albatros Tours guide will pick you up from the lobby , Drive you to the Egyptian Museum the Egyptologist guide will provide you with the story behind every piece you will see, And the Egyptian museum is probably one of the most important attractions for visitors in Cairo, It contains a vast collection of Pharaoh’s antiquities in its 100 exhibition rooms, more than 1300 Pieces notably the treasures of Tutankhamen. Stand in front of the Golden Mask of Tutankhamen found in the young Kings’ undisturbed tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Relax in the beautiful gardens of the museum have a drink and take in what you have just seen , ending your excursion with a transfer back to you hotel.

What To Pring

  • Passport

  • Cash Money

  • Light cloths during summer

  • Jumper Or jacket During the Winter

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