• The chance to see an array of different fish and coral or just enjoy a lazy swim we raise anchor stop after an hour were we set sail to our third and final stop during the 1 hour trip we will serve lunch
    Giftoune Island Snorkelling Trip
  • Enjoy day tours and excursions to the cream of Egypt Sharm El Sheikh City which is commonly known as the land of peace. There multiple activities to do in Sharm El Sheikh such as Desert Safari, Diving, Snorkeling or just get relaxed on Sharm El Sheikh Beaches contemplating the unique nature. Also feel free to choose your Tour from Sharm El Sheikh to other destinations such as Cairo, Dahab or Petra. You can also have a sightseeing tour to St. Catherine Monastery and an adventure to Moses Mountain.
    Sharm Excursions & Day Tours
  • We offer a variety of quality day tours within and across Cairo and from Cairo all across Egypt. choose from private or groups tours to suit your needs, interests or budget. We can customize your day tours to take in to account your timings, interests, and group size. See below for any of the day tours within and across Cairo and from Cairo all across Egypt.
    Cairo Half day Tour and Excursions
  • The Western Desert of Egypt is all west of the Nile valley, in other words two thirds of the country. Its 680.650 square kilometers (262.800 square miles) are equivalent to the size of Texas or the combined area of Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Yet, the Western Desert of Egypt has far more to offer than just sand dunes. Here you will find the four “inner” oases of Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga which lie on “Great Desert Circle” stretching from Cairo to Assiut, and the Siwa Oasis near the Libyan Border, the Black Desert and the White Desert, huge mountain plateaus (as Gilf Kebir which alone is nearly the size of Switzerland), and the Great Sand Sea that is located between the Gilf Kebir and the Siwa Oasis.
    Western Desert Day Tour
  • The Pearl of the Mediterranean has an ambiance more in keeping with its neighbors to the north than with those in the Middle East. Site of Pharos lighthouse, one of the Wonders of the World, and of Anthony and Cleopatra’s tempestuous romance, the city was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE. Today, Alexandria offers fascinating insights into its proud Greek past, as well as interesting mosques, the casino strip of the Corniche, some lovely gardens and both modern and traditional hotels.
    Alexandria Excursion & Day tour