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  • Nile Valley Ancient Egypt Abu-Simbel Temples Culture Family
    Aswan Day Tour by Bus from
      Enjoy the best of Aswan Excursions to the famous High Dam situated across the Nile, see the marvelous Unfinished Obelisk and pay a visit to Philae Temple.
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  • Nile Valley Ancient Egypt Culture Parks and Gardens
    Tour to Kalabsha Temple & Nubian Museum from
    Enjoy One day trip to Kalabsha Temple and Nubian Museum from Aswan to Explore Kalabsha Temple dedicated to the Nubian God then visit Nubian Museum to know about Nubian culture, customs and traditions. 
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  • Ancient Egypt Temples Culture Pyramids
    Sound & Light Show at Philea Temple in Aswan from
      Enjoy Sound and Light show at Philea Temple and discover the mysterious secrets of the great Pharaohs with unique atmosphere which will take you to live the history.
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  • Ancient Egypt Temples Culture Pyramids
    Day Tour to Edfu & Kom Ombo from
      Enjoy a day tour to Kom Ombo Temple dedicated to Horus then visit Edfu; a small town between Esna & Aswan with a sightseeing tour in Aswan. 
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  • Nile Valley Family Fun & Leisure Water Activities Bird Watching Parks and Gardens
    Nile River Felucca Tour to Elephantine Island from
      Sail across the Nile River of Aswan by Felucca to one of the most amazing spots in Aswan Elephantine Island to visit the Botanical Island which features different types of plants.
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  • Nile Valley Abu-Simbel
    Abu Simbel Temples by bus from
    This area's main attraction is the great Sun Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Queen Nefertari,
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